Free Webinar: “Clear and expand your energy field to open up to life”

I invite you to be part of my first webinar/teleseminar April 14th at 5:30pm MDT:


All you need to do is  click on the link  above ( or copy and paste) and you will be taken to the registration page for the free workshop. This workshop is an active participation workshop where you will learn a Torus  breathing technique and then practice the technique during the workshop. I will also share with you a bit about what I have learned about how we pinch off our energy flow, why, and how to reverse that. With a new and expanded way to bring in energy, many things begin to shift and adjust to your new flow and intentions in the next few weeks. Join us, gain a new tool, and begin to empower yourself with your own breath.

In the weeks to come I will begin a webinar series about the various types of intuition and how to gain control of your own innate abilities, your own intuition. Each session following will be a different aspect of intuition, “The 7 Clairs”. Yes, I said 7 not 4! We will explore the purpose and use of each one and close with exercises to develop or strengthen that Clair, before the next webinar. Each webinar will build on the last one.

Join me in this exciting new venture of sharing with you and others, lessons that will shift open and your life  to new experiences now.


“Healing comes from your shift in energy and focus.”  Tawn


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