Month: February 2016




Reaching to Realize Truth

Recently I was on the phone with a client from another country, facilitating an Intuitive Healing Session: a combination of energy healing and sharing what I hear/see within about them, and responding  to their  personal questions.  She stopped me to ask me how we were doing with time. My sessions last about an hour. I was sitting in my home, in a semi trance state with my eyes closed, reading her  with my inner eyes and ears. I said “I don’t know, I will have to come back in my body and open my eyes, to see a clock.” She laughed, I chuckled,  we were together as one intuitively, but physically  worlds apart.

In the field of energy work we have a clear screen when we close our outer eyes, immediately we have the ability to see, to perceive. Yes, when we stop using our eyes to see the physical, and go within, we see in different details, the heart of the matter. This is called: Clairvoyance.   TRUTH

I was listening to one of my favorite spiritual teachers, a “Channel”,  and the speaking voice said: ” When will you start to “Realize” that what you seek is not here for you till you allow yourself to be a match for it, vibrationaly, emotionally, and then, then,  you will see It?”

The “it” is Real (you)- Eye (see)-Zing ( experience  in the physical) for yourself. This can be easier said than done, but possible. We all need to be with our inner selves- see what we have inside of ourselves, seek out our truth.

What is happening internally is what manifests physically. You might be thinking- “I get it, I mean, I’ve heard that, but, can you give me an example? Yes I can.

Example: I had been excited about a trip to see a favorite musician, I was affirming a relaxing fun trip with friends, and good energy flow. As the date approached, I became aware in meditation that one of our group wasn’t going to be able to go. But she had said nothing. So, I contacted the driver and suggested the name of a replacement traveler. She, the driver, said we were still going to be a trio, the new person said yes. The person who I had felt the absence of, had a dental emergency and was indeed unable to go after all, but we were still set for three travelers. I was glad I had listened from within and acted.

Example: Five days before the trip, I was driving, and I heard from within, that I was to stop at my bank and get a new Debit card for the trip, mine was going to be defective. I argued internally with that info, as I often do…it is that whole “free will” human thing you know… I don’t need my debit card, I will use a credit card…  I drove on but then I heard it again: “Go to the bank NOW!” So, I turned around and went to the bank. I learned long ago that it is just easier to follow guidance like that, versus having a “hard lesson”.

I went into the bank  and got the new card to replace my cracked one. Not only did I get the card quickly, but I did a reading for the bank employee. She looked stressed, I asked her what was wrong. She said that “My new relationship has swept me off my feet. He found me on facebook, we were lovers when we were young, but it doesn’t feel real now.”

Quickly I went within as I waited for her to complete her work on the computer for the new card. I heard: ” He is living out an old fantasy, he is not the “one”, but the “one” can’t come in till she is a match for him. This old lover will help her to open up enough for the next “one” to be able to be seen.” I spoke up and told her that she should enjoy the love coming at her now, to give and receive freely what is there for her now. It will not last long, about 3 months, it will play itself out and they would both be complete. Then your next love will appear, and you will be ready. If not for this old lover re-appearing, you would not be ready or open at all, so enjoy this for all you can. This has opened you up again, preparing you for love.” She immediately began to weep “Yes, Yes, I can feel that is the truth. He woke me up for the real love that is to come, he is the only one that I could trust enough to open my self again. I can see it!  Yes, Thank You!”   TRUTH

The next day I was informed that I could not use the credit card I had planned to use! Now, in advance, I had gotten the debit card I needed for the trip. The lady who helped me at the bank had gotten the news, the insight, love, and attention that she had needed too. At times like this I can only say: “Thank You, I am grateful for guidance.”

Synchronicity:  when 2 separate events or beings come together in ways of love and growth.

So what about some “Real-Eye-Zing” in your life?  For us to continue to move towards what we desire, we must look within, see with our inner eyes, the eyes that truly see. Look for your answers from within, that is your authenticity, act on that.  If that doesn’t come easily to you, reach out to someone like me.    TRUTH

“Healing comes from your shift in energy and focus.”  Tawn