Month: January 2014

We can call ourselves home

Lotus blossom

Lotus blossom

Have you ever felt like you don’t have yourself together, or that there might be some pieces missing?
Sometimes a sense of disconnect or loneliness can be a calling from and to ourselves. When we move towards wholeness within ourselves, everything begins to shift and open up in our lives. Healing can come to us in any moment. As we become more aware and follow the signs and synchronicities, they lead us to healing, to our wholeness. This is the purpose of my life and working with others, to lead others to a sense of wholeness, and self direction, empowerment.

Recently I had the opportunity to facilitate “The Wish Game” ( on New Year’s Day, to assist others in moving closer to their wishes in a safe and supportive setting. One of the players was an unhealthy woman who wished for prefect health in 2014. As the Game unfolded, Mary had a flashback of a childhood abuse memory, a new break through to her awareness. This was unsettling but she was calm and able to remember, process, and realize how that had impacted her health for many years. In the moment of a trauma our sense of self can shatter and some fragments may not come back to our center afterwards. Often the pieces of memory holding the peak of the event are the pieces which we hide within ourselves, in the dark spaces of our consciousness, or behind our backs, but always out of our range of awareness. Why do we do this, so we can survive in the moment and keep going, usually not ever looking back. As both an Archetypal Therapist and an Intuitive Healer, I knew that many of her pieces were close at that time for her, her healing had begun! As the game unfolded I felt the urgency to suggest a day trip into the National Forest the next day to do some healing work outdoors in the beauty and safety of nature. I suggested We could call in all pieces of her from the past, the present and the future. I offered the healing experience, she said “Yes, Let’s do that!”. As the evening progressed a sense of anticipation grew, there was an inner emotional rustling for both my new client and myself, as we connected together energetically as her healing team. Her wish for improved health was on the way, the healing was unfolding.

The next day as we headed up to the forest to find a sacred spot to do our spiritual work, she became very talkative like a child that is afraid of what is next. I sensed that many pieces of her childhood were coming forward and were scared or anxious as to what was next, would they be accepted, seen or heard now? I called on the Angels to begin to comfort and heal her as we found a location to park. Gradually her fast paced high pitched voice began to calm down, so that she could breathe normally again. The Angels were preparing her, helping her feel safe and protected for the integration to come.

She shared with me that being with me in nature was making all her senses come alive, the colors, the sounds, the smells, everything was alive, the trees, the forest, all her senses were being intensified. She said it felt more real than a hallucinogenic drug trip. I have had several people tell me that over the years, they say the increased abilities stays with them to, and get stronger with time. I am grateful that that happens for others when with me, I consider that one of my gifts, and I give thanks for that.

The first spot by a creek was perfect for us, in that it was unexpectedly filled with the active energy of trauma. Someone had recently come into the forest and cut down several huge trees that were not dead. The forest had been violated and the spot was littered with beer bottles and trash from those that had abused Mother Earth’s sacred grounds. We both felt triggered by such a rape of the land, and had to leave immediately. As we drove to find a second place, we talked of how the energy of violation was ugly, but had also gifted us with the trigger to connect with the energy of trauma. We could feel it, it was an energy, and trauma was now present with us. I continued to breathe and pray for guidance as to what to do and where. As I drove to the next area I felt guided to, she pointed to the same spot and said we should go over there, she could feel it. I let her know that was exactly where we were headed. We were connected and in synchronicity, the space of miracles, and quantum experiences.

We set up two chairs directly in the line of the sun and began to prepare to meditate and continue the healing work. I felt a strong pulling behind me, directly behind where I had been guided to set up our chairs for our next process. As I walked behind the chairs to the area behind us, I was shocked to see a fresh animal skin, a wolf… It had been recently killed, skinned, with head attached still, no blood, no body, just the head and skin. It had been dumped there, illegally, it had been violated, trauma was present. I was at first startled, but called to her to come and look as well. I knew right then that the medicine of the Wolf was with us. Yes, it was the coat of a large black and brown wolf. I knew then that not only were we working with the energy of the Angels, as I usually do, but also the spirit, the knowledge, the medicine of the wolf. We were indeed being blessed and supported on our healing journey.

We sat in our chairs and I led us in a guided meditation to call in the cleansing and healing power of the light of the sun. With our eyes closed it felt blinding as if the sun was many times brighter than it had been only a moment before. It felt as if the light moved through us and cleansed us and drew out into the light, any and all pieces that were ready and willing to rejoin and be healed in wholeness. I called in energies of the Angels from above and into the heart, and the energies of Gaia from the earth and up into our hearts. Then we created the image of a lotus flower blooming at the heart chakra and began to call in all pieces, big or small, young or old, past or future, into the heart, into the lotus blossom where they joined with others and become their own lotus petal in the 1000 petal blossom. Some pieces chose not to come and chose to heal for now in the energies of the Angels and light, until they are string enough to join in and accept the love and acceptance that awaits them. As the pieces came together each of us had an image personal to us that came from the center of the lotus flower, as a gift of healing and integration to us personally.

Next I called on Reiki Master’s and the healing energies as we worked on the heart, all aspects of the physical body, and emotional body, flushing and reenergizing the energetic body for physical health. Many old deep seated emotional pains and injuries where flying off of my dear client and going back to Source to be created again. The energy began to flow smoothly and evenly throughout her body.

In closing I called upon the spirits animals of the earth. We imagined picking up the wolf coat with head attached, placing it on our heads, and wrapping ourselves in the coat of the energies of the wolf for healing and wholeness. At one point I felt a being approach Mary and I put out my hand to ward it off energetically. In retrospect I now believe that was the energy of the wolf, seeking connection due to it’s own traumatic loss of life recently. I could hear the wolf howl as we did the process. Both of us came back to the present and we were both aware we had been visited. I felt it was by the wolf. We got up and went to visit the wolf skin. I picked at it and turned it over and felt it…it was still filled with life force. My healing client said, don’t touch it, it still has life force. It did, it had, but I felt it cross to the other side, back to the great Spirit. The healing was complete.

We honored all beings and creatures that had supported us in our healing process, journey, day trip. We had gone into the forest, the quantum field of possibilities, and we had connected with trauma, called in the healing powers of Angels and Reiki, and empowered ourselves for the future with the healing medicine of the wolf. We had been in the space of miracles and magic and emerged fuller expressions of ourselves, clean, new, refreshed, and whole. We were light in spirit and hungry, our work was done. We drove back to the city and had a fine dinner meal at a lovely restaurant, healing process done for that day, but results will show up in the days ahead.

My lovely and returning to health client has reported that she continued to feel energies leave her over the next day or so. She has been taking soaking baths to cleanse and is feeling much more optimistic about life and opportunities around her, renewal! Her voice on the phone is lighter and more joy filled, she sounds optimistic and ready to move forward in life, with all her pieces present. I am grateful that Spirit guided me to connect with her, together we created a safe place, called in additional support, and made the shift she had been looking for.

How are you feeling today, would you like a guide or helper in your moving forward, there is always room for growth.

“Healing comes from your shift in energy and focus” Tawn