Have you been hearing or feeling: “It’s almost here!”

2013-03-21 16.59.26Sitting on the river bank of the Jemez River, basking in the Spring sun, my sanctuary – being cleansed and recharged from a week of working in the city.
There is a lot going on all at once for many of us, overwhelm is rampant. Breathe, breathe again, relax.

Some of us are sensing or knowing internally “It’s almost here!”
What is all of this about?
No one seems to know what “it” is yet…
To me it feels positive, filled with light, uplifting, intentional, a game changer for many, a shift in our consciousness.

Physically many people are feeling a fullness in their gut, slow physical movement, a “constipation” of sorts, along with complaints about headaches from the base of the neck or at the temples. It is as if we are either not allowing the energy to move through us freely or we may be bottle-necked in our energy body at this time; so that we may have reserves for moving into what is next. Why, the reason we are yet to know, yet to be revealed, perhaps it is about choice?

Perhaps we are like pre-teens who have a growth lag as they prepare to move into puberty, their lives changing, never to go back to what was, a growth step both physically and personally, Soul work/Soul growth. I accept this to be true for us now, I see and feel this as an unusually powerful time for fighting that battle that the butterfly has as it breaks out of it’s old world casing, and learns to fly.
Yes, it is nearing time for us to soar in consciousness freely again, as we once did.

2013-04-01 15.23.41

Many Astrologers are posting excitedly about an upcoming Cross and 2 eclipses in the next few weeks, similar to energies of change in the late 1960’s, a time of great social change, perhaps a shift in our consciousness is coming?
Many have been sensing this shift for sometime, a continued unfolding into this New Age.
100th Monkey? 5th dimensional awareness? Global compassion? A great truth revealed?

Suggestion: Self Care and Soul Work
To assist in this shift in consciousness, I’d like to suggest spending time in nature, as soon as you can.
A park might do, but a true out of town nature visit, with feet on the soil, soothes the Soul – clears one’s energy field, releases what we came to nature with, and creates a vacuum to attract to you what you intend, as you return back to your worldly world.

Allow only the highest thoughts for yourself, for those you love, and for your community at large. Manifestation is always is always in process, even if you don’t see it, so dismiss the doubt, the fear – allow the flow of love and light to move through you – all is possible now.

Let Mother nature be your reset point, you need only: depart from home, locate a site to visit, then cleanse & release, reset, and renew and return.

Go to a location that appeals to you, your type of nature, for me it needs to have moving water, but that’s just me.
Face the sun, feel the light, breathe in deeply, feel the air going all the way to the tips of your toes and fingers, then let it out slowly… repeat 2 or 3 times, take your time, experience the breaths. You will be cleansed and renewed with the oxygen, the sun, and the fresh air, grounded and in your body fully, a result of your own intentions. Good self care, connected with Spirit and with your Soul, breathe.

Take a few minutes to sit quietly and ask your self to identify 7 intentions that you have for your life experience. Sit quietly and listen, listen to nature, feel the sun, and wait with anticipation. Observe what comes to you next, mentally, emotionally, physically. Note whatever happens next, Spirit and Soul are speaking, listen now and journal or note what comes to you. Review these later.

As you leave nature and return to your city life, chose to note in the next few days, what feels heavy and what feels light. Move towards what feels light in regards to your intentions. Keep moving towards what feels light… sense, feel, move towards the light, self care for the Soul.

Let’s stay n touch, we are all moving together in this growth process, feel free to call me to talk about how we can work together for your good and well being.

Good Self Care is vital now: “It’s almost here.”

Cienega bridge


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