Welcome, let’s schedule a session!

You are welcome to call me for a free quick chat to find out if we are a match for an Intuitive session or  perhaps a Talk Psychotherapy session to move you forward in your life. If we agree that we are a match, then we will pick out a time to schedule a  phone session in the next couple of days.

Services Offered:

A one hour  Intuitive session  ( $150.00) consists of:

  1. A Prayer and calling in of the Angels, Ascended Masters, and your Ancestors for energetic healing and  information.
  2. A quiet tuning in and then sharing with you what I get about your health, emotional state, social and intimate relationships, career, and finances.
  3. You are invited to ask up to 7-11 questions that you prepare prior to the scheduled session. I will discuss that with you when we have our quick chat.

A one hour Talk Psychotherapy sessions  ($120.00) consists of:

  1. A two way dialogue of you sharing what you want to talk about.
  2. An offering of multiple ways to see a situation, and coping skills or life steps to begin a shift in your life experience.

                                Tawn 505-315-8001

To make a payment by Paypal, you will need to go to my full website at:

         “Healing comes from a shift in energy and focus.”  Tawn


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